Between running the Topsail Sea Turtle Hospital and her additional work in sea turtle activism, Jean Beasley has her plate full. So when she asked Ann Somers, professor of the Sea Turtle Conservation course at UNCG, if she knew anyone interested in assisting her work regarding the renewed gill net permit, Ann knew just who to ask.

A few weeks later, five fervent students, all 2005 sea turtle course alumni, found themselves on Topsail Island to dedicate their Fall Break to direct their energy into helping sea turtles. Once the students, Jean, and Ann came together, it took only a few minutes to realize the student's efforts would be best spent composing a resolution urging closure of the southern flounder gill net fishery. As the students worked with their prior professor, it became evident that they were no longer working under the usual professor-student dynamic, but as colleagues. That weekend, a gill net resolution was created and lifetime bonds were solidified. The students now invite you to read, support, and disperse their resolution, in the utmost hope that it will help all animals unintentionally caught in gill nets.

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