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At this time, we cannot take orders online but you can contact Sandy Durso if you are interested in any of the items listed below. A limited selection of items are available at some of our events and we have many more items available than shown here so please attend our biannual meetings for a full selection.


100% of the proceeds from the sales of Project Bog Turtle and Project Simus items go directly towards funding these special organizations. All other sales go to the NCHS to support programs like our research grants.


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Books, etc.


2nd Edition Reptiles & Amphibians of the Carolinas and Virginia


Second Edition: Amphibians & Reptiles of the Carolinas and Virginia

Be one of the first to own this book by attending the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science's Reptile and Amphibian Day, March 13th, in Raleigh, NC. Some of the authors will be on hand for book signing at this event.


Click here for official book information. PDF brochure


$20 Society members

$25 Non-members






frog book

Field Guide and Recorded Calls
This book is a field identification guide with CD that features descriptions and calls of North Carolina's 30 frog and toad species. Learn about the habitats and habits of the NC frogs and toads. The 88-page booklet is packed with more than 120 full-color photographs that beautifully illustrate the stunning array of colors, shapes and sizes of North Carolina’s diverse and abundant frog and toad populations. $15 each





snakes of nc book

Field Guide to the Snakes of NC

This wonderful 42-page book features more than 150 color photographs and descriptions of the 31 non-venomous and 6 venomous snakes found in NC. It identifies the important roles snakes play in the state’s ecosystems, provides information on snake conservation efforts and answers some commonly asked questions about snakes. $8 each




nchs logo pin



Logo Pin

NCHS logo pin

$3 each






toad bag



NEW Item: Toad Bag tote
original watercolor by Amelia Hansen
100% cotton
14" x 16"
natural color

$5.00 each



















We have a wide variety of t-shirts available. Please contact Sandy Durso for size and ordering information.


T-shirts that support Project Bog Turtle directly: Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes available.

Project Bog Turtle t-shirts

T-shirt that support Project Simus directly: Adult sizes only

Project Simus t-shirts


T-shirts that support research and other NCHS general fund:

salamanders t-shirt

Salamanders t-shirt, Youth & Adult sizes



Alligator t-shirt

Baby Alligator t-shirt, Youth & Adult sizes


Backyard Herps t-shirt

Backyard Herps t-shirt, Youth & Adult sizes


Copperhead t-shirt

Copperhead t-shirt, Youth & Adult sizes


Snake Dance t-shirt

Snake Dance t-shirt, Adult sizes only


Boa Constrictor t-shirt

Boa Constrictor t-shift, Youth & Adult sizes








Looking for the NC snakes (live bearers & eggs layers), lizards, salamanders (Parts 1-3), frogs (Parts 1-2) posters? Our herp shop no longer carries these but never fear, you can still get them from the NC Museum of Natural Sciences store (11 West Jones Street, Raleigh NC, 27601-1029 or 919-733-7450 ext. 369)


NC venomous snakes poster






Venomous Snakes Poster

This poster features all 6 venomous snakes found in NC. It was created by NCHS members and all the photographs are courtesy of our member photographer, David Cooper.