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Editor:  Jeff Beane
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As a member of the NCHS you will receive a quarterly newletter, NC Herps. NC Herps contains informative articles, society updates, executive council meeting minutes, project reports, upcoming events, trivia and much more! Members are encouraged to submit content to the newsletter. Contact our editor above for more information.


2011 newsletter

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Editorial policy

Views and opinions expressed in NC Herps represent those of the author(s) and not necessarily those of the Editor, the Society, its Executive Council, or the NC State Museum of Natural Sciences. NC Herps does not carry commercial ads for live herps or products of herp origin, but personal ads submitted by members are normally carried free of charge.  Ads for books may be carried free if space permits (if full page, please provide us with 400 copies). 

Commercial ads
for herp accessories, supplies, art, etc. will be carried at the following rates per issue:
Minimum ad (business card size or smaller): $3.00
1/4 page: $6.00
1/2 page: $10.00
Full page: $20.00

Make checks payable to NC Herpetological Society.   All ads are subject to editorial discretion. NC Herps prefers to print original articles, notes, cartoons, etc., but will occasionally reprint items from other sources.  Material should be submitted to the editor in any reasonable format (email [preferred], handwritten, typed, diskette, crayon on construction paper, rudely scrawled in blood on paper napkins, mental telepathy, etc.).



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