North Carolina Herpetological Society Annual Photo Contest


Each fall, in conjuction with the Society's fall meeting, our annual photo contest is held. There are typically three categories with special assignment categories occasionally added that go along with the theme of the fall meetings. Below are winners of the most recent contest followed by the rules and general guidelines for our photo contest.


Winners from this year's 2012 Fall meeting:


Special lizard category winner Mike Martin "Tree Hugger"

YOTL Winner


Color images of herps winners

Mike Martin "Visiting Vine"

vine snake


Kevin Messenger "Eye See You Taking My Picture"

color photo


TJ Hilliard "Western Diamondback"

Western Diamondback


Black & White images winners

TJ Hilliard "Western Diamdonback"

Western Diamondback


Mike Martin "Palmetto Pride"

palmetto pride


Kevin Messenger "Death of a Krait"



Herpers in Action winners

Andrew Durso "Meal Interrupted"

lizard eating


Andrew Durso "Untold Umpteens of Uta"

lots of lizards


Ed Speas "Nest Robber"

snake box


Congratulations to all our winners. We hope you'll consider entering next year's contest!


2013 Fall Meeting Photo Contest, we ask each of the members (yes, that includes you) to submit PHOTOS OF Snakes to be judged in our special Photo Assignment category.


Each member may submit up to three snake photos for judging in the Assignment category. These photos are IN ADDITION to any photos submitted for the other three categories (Color Images of Herps, Herpers in Action, and Black/White) as described below in the Traditional Photo Contest announcement. One winner will be chosen in the Photo Assignment category. The Prize for the Photo Assignment category has not yet been determined, but will be different from the prizes awarded for the other three traditional categories. Bug Peyton Hale as much as you can so that he will come up with some good prizes for the winner of the Assignment.


Please refer to the traditional photo contest announcement below for details regarding presentation of entries, judging, submittal requirements, the deadline for entry, and the fine print. Please contact David Cooper via e-mail ( with any questions.


TRADITIONAL PHOTO CONTEST: Please read this carefully before submitting photos for entry in the contest.


Traditional Categories: 1) color images of herps; 2) black & white images of herps; and 3) “herpers in action.” Entries must be submitted in digital format (see below), and are limited to three per entrant per category.


Prizes: First, second, and third place prizes will be awarded in each category. Prizes will consist of coupons good toward the purchase of any Herp Shop items (or toward the purchase of NCHS memberships). First place winners will receive a $20 coupon; second place winners will receive a $10 coupon; and third place winners will receive a $5 coupon. NCHS reserves the right to award no prize if insufficient entries are received in a category for fair judging.


Presentation of Entries: A powerpoint slide show of all eligible entries will be compiled by the Photo Contest Chair. This slide show will be presented, and winners will be announced, at the Fall NCHS meeting. Please refer to the meeting agenda for the time the entries will be shown.


Judging: The judging for 2011 will be performed by a qualified panel of three judges appointed by the President and/or the Photo Contest Committee who are not contest participants, have not been a party to the slide show compilation, and who have not previously seen the entries.


Submittal Requirements: The contest is open to any amateur(1) photographer who is a current member(2) of NCHS. The photography contest will again be in all-digital format. Digital images should be submitted as JPEGs. Resolution should be high enough to avoid pixelation when shown in the powerpoint presentation. No modifications will be performed after the image is submitted, with the exception of sizing the images for optimal fit in the photo contest powerpoint presentation. Images submitted should be labeled with title, photographer’s name, species, locality information, and the date the photo was taken. Images may depict either wild or captive animals from any geographic location. Images submitted on CD should be sent to: David Cooper, 400 Pine Run, Knightdale, NC 27545. Images submitted via e-mail should be sent to: Technical questions regarding converting slides, film, or prints to digital format may be directed to David Cooper at the above-listed e-mail address or (919) 906-3859.


Deadline: All entries must be received TBD. This will allow the photo contest committee time to compile and judge entries before the meeting. Entries will not be accepted the day of the meeting.


The Fine Print: By submitting an image to the NCHS photo contest, the photographer affirms that the image is his or her own work(3), and gives NCHS the right to show the image as part of the photo contest presentation at the Fall Meeting. Certain photos may be used in NCHS educational materials or for non-profit NCHS fund-raising purposes (4).


(1) For the purposes of the NCHS photo contest, “professional photographer” is defined as a person who has ever made, in any given year, ten percent (10%) or more of his or her yearly income from the sale of photographs.
(2) Current members are defined as those members whose memberships have not expired yet. Entries from members whose memberships are currently expired will not be considered for judging until the membership is renewed.
(3) Images will not be accepted if the member submitting the image is not the actual photographer.
(4) Photographer will be notified in writing prior to use of his or her photo by NCHS for educational or fund-raising purposes. Photographer will have the opportunity to refuse NCHS the right to use his or her photo.